Hot date tomorrow? Eat this today

Experts have said and backed it up with studies that the right diet is crucial to a healthy sex drive. There sure are several other ways to get your mojo going, but isn’t a delicious route just easier? How about a perfect healthy meal plan for the day before.




Oatmeal consumption is a natural way of maintaining a healthy level of testosterone in men. This hormone, as we already know, is an unparalleled orgasm booster in males.

Oats are also rich in L-arginine, the amino acid which enhances the impact of nitric oxide in the lessening of blood vessel stiffness. L-arginine also assists alleviate erectile dysfunction in males by relaxing the muscles surrounding penile blood vessels. Blood flow is enhanced, as a consequence, and men can get hard erections and be able to maintain them.

If you’re on the verge of a marathon sex session, you may want to prepare yourself a bowl of oatmeal with fresh berries, milk, honey or bananas as this sort of blend can be a very good source of instant energy.

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Another of the superfoods that boost sex drive is watermelon. Researchers from Texas University recently found out that Citrulline – a compound found in watermelons – has a Viagra-like effect on the human body. Once absorbed, the compound is converted to arginine which boosts the secretion of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, just like Viagra, relaxes the veins in the sexual organs in the process preventing and even treating erectile dysfunction in males. Unlike Viagra, though, nitric oxide can be used both as an instant tonic and a long term remedy.


oystersOysters and Avocado

Oysters have for long been considered a love drug. Casanova and Cleopatra shared a very particular thing; they both loved oysters so much that Casanova ingested dozens of them per day. Tales have it that the Venetian lover once succeeded in seducing a virgin into sex by sliding an intact oyster to her mouth using his tongue. Forget that! Here’s what oysters do, according to current research: they significantly increase levels of the libido-boosting compound dopamine in men and women, and ensure you have enough testosterone and that you produce a healthy sperm by supplying your body with zinc. When you add avocado, it becomes the perfect taste. In the top of taste, avocado is an excellent source of folic acid, a compound that ensures your drives are supplied with enough energy by metabolizing proteins. Additionally, the fruit contains vitamin B6 and potassium for the production of male hormone and regulation of the thyroid gland in women respectively.

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Nuts are a magnificent source of vitamins and fatty acids. Fatty acids are crucial in the synthesis of male hormones while vitamins increase general blood circulation. Additionally, the distinct smell of almonds has for long been believed to trigger arousal in females.

A serving of almonds at least once in every three days can provide you with enough energy to take you through a week of vigorous activity in the sack. Nutritionists recommend that the nuts be eaten raw without perking them up with sugar or salt for better results.



fishFish, Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Celery

The famous omega-3 fatty acids – abundant in seafood – apparently have something to do with your sex drive. They are said to increase the level of dopamine in the human brain and, consequently, trigger arousal.

Fish also contains anti-inflammatory compounds which fight off blood clots for a better supply of blood to the sexual organs.

What’s more, fatty fish is rich in the amino acid L-arginine which not only triggers the release of more growth hormone but also gets converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide in the human body, as we all know, boosts men’s erections and improves sex drive in women by widening blood vessels and increasing blood flow to sexual organs.

As sides, you have great options. Highly rich in potassium, sweet potatoes are known to be a natural remedy for high blood pressure, a partial culprit behind erectile dysfunction. Sweet potatoes also contain a lot of beta-carotene, and a single serving can provide as much as 53% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes better cervical fluid and increases libido and fertility in women. The best way to enjoy sweet potatoes is preparing them as French fries.

Best known for sparking off fights at the dinner table as moms literally try to ram it down kids’ throats, Broccoli is another excellent bedroom prowess booster. Raw, sautéed or cooked, broccoli is high in vitamin C, a nutrient that has been shown by nutritionists to increase blood flow to body organs, sexual organs included. The all-around veggie would make for a wise pick to include in your shopping basket.

Celery may not top your list when it comes to ranking foods that boost sex drive, but do you know the first thing about the crunchy cruciferous veggie? Well, there is more than just enough Vitamin C in them. They are an excellent source of androsterone, a hormone produced naturally in men, and that inadvertently turns women on. It can make for a short term remedy, scientists say, and its efficacy is best felt when eaten raw.


As a drink forget that high sugar beverage, alcoholic or not, and go for the unsweetened tea.

The catechin present in most herbal teas is said to help improve the general circulation of blood in the body for both brain and sex power. The antioxidant is also believed to enhance human memory, mood, and focus, which are definitely vital for long lasting sex.

Another compound known as ECGC present in green tea accelerates fat burning in the body, which in return increases the amount of energy supplied to the cells during sex. A report published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that people who drank 3-5 cups of unsweetened tea per day in a span of 12 weeks experienced a fat burn increase of more than 5%.

While a cup of tea a day can make for a fairly easy way of increasing your sex drive, it is good to keep in mind that bottled tea may not provide equal benefits.

All the effects of these ingredients are backed by facts. If you find them in the organic isle is even better. At the end of the day you wont increase only the libido but you will be healthier. Have fun !!!

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