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organic cotton
Organic cotton is basically cotton grown without using any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. These  carcinogens can eventually mix with our food supply, ground, water, and air. The production of organic cotton can drastically improve the biodiversity of our environment and promote ecosystem balance. Natural cotton produced in the USA must follow certain requirements and criteria, which is thoroughly regulated by National Organic Program from USDA.
The first ever organic project took place in Egypt in the year 1990. Currently, you can find natural cotton growing in more than 22 countries. Some of the famous countries producing natural cotton these days include the following:Turkey, India, Syria, China, United States, Peru, Uganda, Mexico, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Egypt.

What is Organic Cotton Used For?

Organic cotton is used for making various products such as personal care items such as makeup removal pads, ear swabs, sanitary products, feminine hygiene products, cotton puffs, etc.
It is also used to make various home furnishings including tablecloth, towels, napkins, bathrobes, pillows, bedding, blankets, sheets etc. It is also commonly used for making clothes for men, women, and children in various styles. Cotton is also used to craft note cards, stationery, and children’s products like diapers and toys.
There are great benefits you can obtain by using natural cotton since the growing use means a lot for the human kind as well as for our planet. Some of these benefits are listed below:
*Total elimination of toxic chemicals and pesticides used in the growing procedure
*Increasing of biodiversity
*Conservation and protection of our environment
*Reduced risk of people affected from threatening carcinogens used in the production of regular cotton

While cotton is one of the most commonly used materials, it is best to switch to organic alternative to fully and totally benefit from the various rewards it has to offer.

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