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IMG_20150207_164229~2~21What do we mean by organic delights? Do you feed your stomach, or you feed your feelings? Often the answer is both. We need food to feed the body, but sometimes we eat to satisfy our emotions.
Organic sweets have recently entered the market to satisfy people’s cravings who want to avoid synthetic chemicals. The ingredients of these products come from controlled organic crops. The area of organic sweets is booming, and besides healthy dark chocolate we can find snack bars with fruits and nuts, candy or fresh smoothies. But it is crucial not to confuse them with the dietary organic products. So, organic sweets contain no preservatives, and if they contain, they are natural. For those sweets without preservatives is critical to know that they do not last forever. For this reason, it’s better to consume the product in a short time after opening.
When you craving something sweet you can choose:
1. an organic dark chocolate that according to recent studies has many benefits and also doesn’t add too many calories. The product can be “customized” with healthy organic raisins, nuts or peanuts.
2. nourishing organic bars as snacks are easy to carry in a pocket, bag or handbag. For your health, it is recommended to avoid too much sugar snack bars !!! These nutritious snack bars can be considered ORGANIC FOOD TO GO or FAST FOOD organic.
3. Organic Smoothie is a very delicious dessert or why not a meal. Lots of people agree that organic fruits have a better taste than non-organic ones. Also, if you add some nuts, hemp heart seeds or any other organic grain you can create a healthy delicious meal that is easy to take along.cannot be ingested. Eating organic foods won’t unfortunately prevent cancer because there are plenty of genetic and environmental factors that can cause it to develop. However eating organic food greatly reduces the chance that certain cancers will develop.

In addition, organically-grown produce contains up to 50% more of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants the body needs to stay healthy and perform at optimum capacity. If you’re trying to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet, you can double the benefits by eating organic ones.

Organic delights: You Can Feel Good about What You Eat

When you eat organic food, you know what you’re not getting. You know you’re not eating food that’s been genetically altered or shot up with growth hormones and antibodies. You know that the skins of your fruits and vegetables aren’t a thick covering of chemicals and other harmful ingredients. The bottom line: You know that you are fueling your body with healthy fuel. Centuries ago, people did not have as many health-related issues as they do in these more modern times. Plenty of people feel it is our food that is killing us.

You Help Protect Environment

When pesticides and fertilizers are applied to plants, there is no way to keep the chemicals used in their production from covering the ground. Rain and irrigation cause these chemicals to be absorbed into the ground. As they absorb into the ground, they percolate down to the underground water tables. Ultimately, the chemicals leach into nearby water bodies. The soil as well as the water begins to be contaminated. Over time the birds, fish and other animals living in these environments become affected. Since organic foods are grown without using these dangerous chemicals, their growth will never impact the environment in this manner.

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