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organic probiotic baby cereal


Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal

One of the best moments of my day is when I see my baby happy. All parents know that’s not an easy task. Feeding is one of the most challenging. Since I try to feed my family healthy food I had to find an organic probiotic baby cereal for my little one. Happy Baby Organic Probiotic is a healthy nutrition-packed cereal for babies, as a parent I prefer using it since most of the ingredients are organic. This product has also been optimized with probiotics which support better digestive health, as well as DHA and Choline, which boost brain function and eye health. I decided to give my baby a healthy start in life, and this is one of the foods that I came to like. It features a combination of tasty ingredients like oats, quinoa, and amaranth which are also very healthy.
I. The product is certified organic, without any artificial colorings or flavors that may otherwise impede on quality. Moreover, packaging has been made without BPA or any of its related derivatives.
II. It has been made with consultations from nutritionists and pediatricians, ensuring age-appropriate nutrition for my loved one.
III. Easy to prepare as all I needed to add is some warm water and stir.
IV. Can be used as a remedy for children diagnosed with mild to severe reflex reaction.
a) I realized that it loses color and produces a bad smell after being exposed to air for some time. This is normal, and it happens with almost all cereals that are left open or outside the fridge. This oxidative rancidity is caused by oxidation of oils found in the grain, maybe due to improper steaming or storage by the owner.
b) The DHA and ARA proprietary oils found in it are organically produced from fungus and fermented algae, and these are not as healthy as fats found in the mother’s breast milk.

organic probiotic baby cereal ingredients
I have made up my mind that Happy Baby Organic Probiotic is the best nutrition-packed cereal for my kid, and I think I am not alone since most of the time my neighborhood supermarket is out of it. Thanks for Amazon I can get it fast and cheaper than from the sore.





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