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organic snack bars

It seems we can’t get enough of these delicious organic snack bars, full of nutrients! And how not to love them when they are organic, raw, gluten-free, very easy to take with you at work, to the gym, etc. It also can be a very healthy snack for children in school or training. They nourish and give you energy for a whole day.
Organic snack bars are very healthy and always easy to use. The benefits of these bars are endless. They came as an alternative to traditional bars full of sugar and unhealthy ingredients helping those in need of a healthy quick meal replacement, nourishing and nutritious. Living in an era where time is very limited, people tend to spend less time eating or preparing healthy food. These days people prefer fast food, but this is most of the time unhealthy. Now, the old fast food can become healthy. Vitamins, minerals and nutrients in fruits together with raw and dehydrated organic seeds can make a delicious organic snack bar. The process of cooking preserves the quality, and you can be sure that you eat something raw and healthy.

In general organic snack bars:

• contain none processed sugar,
• do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
• do not contain additives, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners,
• do not contain animal products and preservatives,
• do not contain sulfur dioxide produced from wheat and no cholesterol.
To avoid excessive sugar ingestion found in some snack bars and to reduce the costs by up to half, I added a recipe easy to prepare at home. No need for a stove, just mix the ingredients and refrigerate. DELICIOUS…
The recipe comes from Dave Ruel, AKA “The Muscle Cook”.
I hope you enjoy. Here’s the recipe, for five protein bars:
Ingredients for homemade protein bars:
– 6-8 organic chocolate protein powder measures
– 1 cup organic oatmeal
– 1/3 cup organic peanut butter
– 3 tablespoons organic honey
– 1/2 cup organic milk 1%
– 3 tablespoons crushed organic peanuts
1. Mix protein powder, oatmeal, peanut butter, honey and milk.
2. Arrange the mixture in bar mold, and then sprinkle with crushed peanuts on top.
3. Refrigerate for 45 minutes.

I hope you’re enjoying my organic snack bar, and also share your ideas bellow.

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