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baby suction bowlsStay Put Baby Suction Bowls
Well, aren’t you tired of always having to clean out the mess left by your little one during feeding time? The baby suction bowl is the ultimate solution for this problem. Unlike most bowls which are easily spilled over because there is no suction to hold them firmly on the highchair or table, the Stay Put baby suction bowl has rubber on its base to ensure the container is held on the table. Furthermore, the baby suction bowl it translates to less cleaning hence less stress. Below is an overview of what to expect when using baby suction bowl:

Pros of Stay Put baby suction bowl

Ease to use: Life is too short to purchase something that is complicated and strenuous to use. By gently applying pressure by pushing down the suction bowl, it is good to go, while it’s still easy to release it from the base by lifting the tab on the suction bowls base.

Durability: This is a must have for all the moms out there with a terrible one-year-old in the house. The containers are made with polypropylene material that will ensure they withstand all the abuse your kid will subject it to!

Different sizes: The suction bowl comes with three different sizes making portioning much easier, and appropriate for children of different ages.

Another great feature of the baby suction bowl is snap on lids that ensures your little one food is kept fresh while ensuring the food doesn’t go stale hence avoiding medical complications such as food poisoning.

Hazardous free: You will have a sense of peace of mind knowing that the bowl is manufactured 100% free from any hazardous materials such as Latex, Lead, Phthalate, and BPA. Furthermore, the bowl is microwavable thus increasing its efficiency.
You also get one little spoon and one fork which are helpfull.

Cons of the Stay Put Baby Suction Bowl

Small size: one thing I found rather discouraging with the baby suction bowl is its small size that can’t really handle a large portion.

The suction bowl does not stick for long on high wooden chair table, and that may leave a very messy experience. On plastic sticks just fine.

The pros outweigh the cons, and I would recommend it. The Stay Put bowls will ensure you save a substantial amount of food not forgetting the less stress you will incur from not having to clean every time your little one eats.

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