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Superfood Smoothie Mix

This fast review of this new energizing, hunger suppressing and world renowned superfood smoothie, will change how you see your morning routine. All over the web we hear about “Superfoods.” Those foods rich in nutrients that are designed to enhance our health, however with Essential Living Foods Superfood Smoothie Mix you get a lot more than your basic super food you get an entire system of healthy protein, nutrients, and vitamins that will make your body crave for more. This smoothie is for the ultimate smoothie lovers. Smoothies are great but add in a scoop of this mix, and you have just given yourself an energy boost, immune system boost and a lot of yummy.
Let’s review the main ingredients to find out how you can be healthier and live longer with just this smoothie. Two of the best-known superfoods make this mix great, the Acai and Goji berries.
The Acai berry is round, black-purple looking fruit that mainly appears like a grape. This small berry packs a big healthy punch, and it protects the body from harmful free radicals. It’s very low in sugar, and it has vitamin A, fiber, iron (which corrects conditions such as anemia) and calcium.
Goji berries are excellent in their right. It is a berry that is native to China, where it is also known as wolfberry. It grows on a shrub and has a bright orange-reddish color. This great superfood is known to have a calming effect as well as increasing the feeling of well-being. The Goji berry helps with weight loss and help with getting a peaceful nights rest.
For under $25.00 you get, 14.5 ounces of Essential Living Foods Superfood Smoothie Mix that packs a punch of healthy food your body requires. You can order it from and have it shipped to you overnight for a quick start to anyone’s healthy eating campaign.
Here is what you get from one scoop of this delicious smoothie mix:
* Complete protein
* Cell-protecting antioxidants
* Heart-healthy omega-3s
* Cholesterol-balancing phytosterols
Here is how easy it is to make this smoothie:
(1) Take one scoop of Essential Living Foods Superfood Smoothie Mix
(2) Add to your choice of juice or water
(3) Enjoy your full glass of delicious goodness
* You can drink it every day
* Has ingredients that boost life longevity
* This smoothie is very easy to make
* Goji in studies has been documented to interact with other drugs
* People with nut allergies may have to test their reaction to the mix before committing to a daily routine
* As with all new products read the labels and warnings to ensure the ingredients do not interact with some vitamins you may be taking
We all want to eat as healthy as possible, so choosing to add Essential Living Foods Superfood Smoothie Mix is a no brainer. With this product, you get a delicious, healthy meal and a huge energy boost. This reasonably priced superfood is well within price to be anyone’s daily staple. So I encourage everyone to check out Essential Living Foods Superfood Smoothie Mix.

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