Wood cabbage shredder

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wood cabbage shredder

Wood cabbage shredder

Recently I read an article about the connection between sauerkraut and cancer. Apparently doctors found a link between Polish immigrants diet before and after they come to the US. The probiotics in sauerkraut play a significant role in cancer protection. We as a family love cabbage and sauerkraut so I decided to buy a cabbage shredder. After some research, I found The Harvest Fiesta compact wood cabbage shredder.

Some of the major advantages of using this wood cabbage shredder are as follows
– Compact size, so that it can be easily handled while shredding. Not much space will be required to store the wood cabbage shredder after use, making it suitable for small kitchens.
– The shredder is made of quality beech wood, which is lightweight and will last for a very long time
– Three high quality sharp stainless steel blades are included, so that cabbages, vegetables, and hard fruits can be shredded quickly
– For fingers protection, a wooden hand guard has been provided on the rails of the wooden shredder
– The designer of the shredder has ensured that the screws are on the lower side of the shredder so that the shredded material does not accumulate on the screws and can be easily cleaned
– Detailed instructions for use of the shredder are provided including a recipe for Coleslaw
– The wood shredder has been imported from Slovenia which is well known for making high-quality shredders which last for decades
– Warranty of manufacturers covers any defects caused during shipping
– Handcrafted for high quality and ergonomically designed so that the wood shredder can be used for a long time without causing any discomfort.

There are no significant disadvantages of using the Wooden cabbage shredder. However, only limited quantities of the beech wood cabbage shredder are available.
– price may be higher than low-quality shredders made from plastic and metal.

Wooden kitchen tools are just better and last way longer. Unfortunately, I was not able to find something like this in a brick store, so Amazon was my only find.

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